Custom Cookies: 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes

We’re excited to share that our custom cookies have been featured in the new book 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes!   If you’re ever in need of a little sugar inspiration, this is the book for you.   It’s full of super crafty ideas and makes a great coffee table book given the photography and creative layout.   The book would also be a fun gift idea for the baker among your friends and family.   A sampling of of the pages are below including some of our decorated cookies.

1000 Ideas for Decorating 292x300 Custom Cookies: 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes1000IdeasPg38 286x300 Custom Cookies: 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes1000IdeasPg146 292x300 Custom Cookies: 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes1000IdeasPg172 300x294 Custom Cookies: 1,000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes


Custom Cookies: Sweet Success

While we sell a lot of our couture images, we also do a lot of custom cookie orders.  We’ve received some fantastic cookie graphics for our cookies over the years, but the order from Jessica T. takes the cake.

Jessica is applying for her dream job (we can’t tell you where just yet), and she’s asked us to send a dozen cookies with one of her fabulous designs and the words “call me” with her number on them – absolutely brilliant!   (For privacy issues, I’ve blocked out most of her phone number on the ribbon).  My description of her snazzy design isn’t doing the custom cookies justice so I snapped a quick shot with my iphone before we shipped them out yesterday.  I think you’ll agree that there’s a pretty good chance she should snag the job!   Good luck Jessica!  Please keep us posted!

jessicatesta1 259x300 Custom Cookies:  Sweet Success


Custom Cookies: Patty & Mike’s Wedding

When Patty sent me the graphics for her custom cookie wedding order, I thought they were the absolute cutest.  I was also curious to find out the inspiration for the cartoon characters on the wedding cookie favors and Patty graciously shared her story with me.

As it turns out Mike and Patty lived on opposite sides of the country when they met.  Rather than talk on the phone at work (and share their personal conversations with work staff), ichat became a regular form of communication and these characters were their ichat icons.   Three years later they are getting married and a friend reminded them about their ichat characters at a dinner party – it was the perfect solution for custom cookie favors.

photo 245x300 Custom Cookies:  Patty & Mikes Wedding


Custom Cookies at a Sip ‘n See!

Event designer Beth Beattie ordered custom cookies with a peacock theme for her client’s for a Sip ‘n See party.   I have to admit, I had no idea what a Sip ‘n See was, but thankfully Beth has enlightened me that it’s a party thrown after baby is born – to “sip” drinks and “see” the baby.  Beth was written up on the blog Pizzazzerie about the event and her photos are simply gorgeous. I love the way she coordinated the custom cookie favors with all the other treats at the event.  It certainly was a stylish and fabulous event to welcome Baby Luke!   Check out the Pizzazzerie blog for more photos!

Peacock1 300x244 Custom Cookies at a Sip n See!


Gumdrop Cookie Shop Participates in Camp Twin Lakes Program

A couple weeks ago we received a call to participate in a really fantastic program called the Partners Card, by offering a 20 percent off discount code for our custom cookies and couture cookies.   The Partners Card is a fundraiser fully supported by Camp Twin Lakes, a not-for-profit organization offering year-round recreational, therapeutic and educational programs for children with serious illnesses and life challenges. For 10 days, Friday, October 22nd – Sunday, October 31st, The Partners Card is sold and can be used  in over 550 retail stores and restaurants in the Atlanta area and surrounding suburbs, providing customers with 20 percent off purchases during the 10 days.

However, this year they are expanding the fundraiser to exist online (which is where we come in!) and the 20 percent off will be valid for 24 days.   So, if you’re interested in participating, Partner Cards are $60 each and one hundred percent of the proceeds from the purchase of a Partners Card support Camp Twin Lakes, subsidizing 80% of the cost to send a child to camp.  You can purchase them at www.partnerscard.com beginning on September 1st.

camp twin lakes logo 300x300 Gumdrop Cookie Shop Participates in Camp Twin Lakes Program


Wedding Favor Cookies: Indie Bride features Gumdrop Cookie Shop

The Indie Bride Blog did an AWESOME post about our wedding favor cookies.   The write up featured our groom custom cookie along with treats from three other sweets companies.   The Indie Bride is a really unique blog and features some unusual and unexpected wedding ideas.  The blog was designed to highlight small businesses and artisans who provide soon-to-be brides with the most exceptional products for their special day.  The Indie Bride Blog does not just post about the big day – they also are a resource for expert tips and advice on hosting bridal showers, wedding planning and more.   Thanks Indie Bride for featuring us!

edible favors part 1 300x300 Wedding Favor Cookies:  Indie Bride features Gumdrop Cookie Shop


Custom Cookies: Mother-of-the-Bride Designed Cookie Favors

It makes my day when I receive a nice email from a client about our custom cookies, but it makes my week when they send photos!   I recently worked with Mother-of-the-Bride Carolyn who designed the wedding cookie favors for her daughter Elizabeth’s wedding.  The custom cookie favors were to be placed at each place setting so it was important that the cookies matched the table arrangements.  Carolyn provided me with her custom design and we worked on a few samples together until we got the colors just right.  We  selected a custom ribbon color to tie the colors together.  You can take a quick look at the photos below that Carolyn sent me from her daughter’s special day.

Photo Credits:  John Lockwood, www.lockwoodphotography.com

1343 2010 05 22 at 20 06 21 300x199 Custom Cookies:  Mother of the Bride Designed Cookie Favors1332 2010 05 22 at 20 01 24 300x199 Custom Cookies:  Mother of the Bride Designed Cookie Favors

1426 2010 05 22 at 21 18 44 300x199 Custom Cookies:  Mother of the Bride Designed Cookie Favors


Custom Cookies: Gumdrop Cookie Shop featured on Mitzvah Market!

Today Gumdrop Cookie Shop’s custom cookies were featured on Mitzvah Market, which is an online resources for Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning families.  The article featured custom cookie favors from our gallery and from our couture birthday collection.

Mitzvah Market has a tremendous database filled with resources to help families make planning more fun and less stressful so we’re thrilled that we could be a part of their Web site.  The company was started by working Mitzvah planning Moms who deliver Mom-to-Mom advice to their readers via an email newsletter called, Mitzvah Market Mail.   They are also the official Web site of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide magazine.

As with any of our cookies, we can customize the cookies based on your child’s theme colors.  Here are a few of our favorite Bar/Bat Mitzvah cookies…

custom bar mitzvah cookies 295x300 Custom Cookies:  Gumdrop Cookie Shop featured on Mitzvah Market!BatMitzvahFinal 300x203 Custom Cookies:  Gumdrop Cookie Shop featured on Mitzvah Market!AmysBatMitzvah 300x264 Custom Cookies:  Gumdrop Cookie Shop featured on Mitzvah Market!


Taking a Break from Custom Cookies: Introducing Aria Melody

When I first started my cookie favor business, I was also in the process of getting married (not recommended to do both at once!).  Through our wedding planning process  we were so blessed to have such amazing wedding vendors.  Now that I am a vendor for many weddings with my custom cookie business,  I always enjoy connecting with other wedding vendors for referrals and to keep my hands on the pulse of the industry.  I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with our fantastic DJ for my wedding, John Sinclair of Aria Melody, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you about his company.

ARIA MELODY SRCCMYK 300x106 Taking a Break from Custom Cookies:  Introducing Aria Melody

Aria Melody

I would classify John as the “anti-wedding DJ” – he is incredibly classy and your fear of the cheesy wedding DJ will be squashed as soon as you meet him.    More than anything else, we wanted people to dance at our wedding all night long and that’s exactly what happened.    There were no lights and he didn’t spend any time on the microphone.  Just great music and a packed dance floor, which was a recipe for a very happy bride and groom.  If you are  in the NY/NJ area and trying to decide on a DJ, look no further!

John also just launched his blog which is 100 percent dedicated to wedding music and it is filled with really great ideas and inspiration if you’re in the process of picking out music for your wedding.


Gumdrop Cookie Shop Hearts Ladies who Launch

logo big Gumdrop Cookie Shop Hearts Ladies who Launch

After I took the very scary plunge and dove head first into my custom cookie business, one of the first things I did was sign up for the New York Chapter of Ladies who Launch (LWL), an amazing organization that provides women business owners (or those just thinking of starting a business) a network and services opportunities.

While I HEART the freedom of having my own gig, I so so so so so so miss the camaraderie of my old teammates (shout out DVPR!) so I felt a networking group would give me the opportunity to fill the work-from-home-void – and it certainly did the trick.  Through LWL I’ve been able to meet other small business owners, attend interesting speaker events & workshops, share ideas, and be part of a forum to throw out questions when I wanted to pull my hair out over the many small biz challenges that seem to (poof!) spring up weekly out of thin air.

Our NY leaders, Stella and Karla are so fab and are consistently putting together irresistible offers and events for members (and non-members too!).   On that note, you don’t have to be a member to be part of events, but if you get an oh-so-worth-it-discount if you are a member (or Strata members as we are called).   Plus, they have a GREAT incubator program that can help get you started on the right foot when you are in the beginning stages of your biz.  I so wish I knew about the LWL incubator program when I first started my business as I’m sure it would have saved me a whole lotta Excedrin and a whole lotta money and a whole lotta tears (oh hello you scary little trademark).

Best of all, you might actually win the friendship jackpot and get a pal or two out of the deal like I did.   SO, if you have the tiniest little seed of an idea about your own business, you best take those little fingers and click on this LINK pronto and get yourself a membership.   It’s OK, you can thank me later.  Or you if you are in the NYC area, you can come on by to the event on May 25th and thank me in person.  I hope to see you then!

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