Valentine’s Day Photo Cookies

Last Valentine’s Day our decorated cookies were featured on the Today Show  as a Valentine’s gift option under $50 and we received an unbelievable response as a result of the segment.   Many of the orders were custom cookies that featured the smiling photos of happy couples, kids and families.  

In response to those orders, we’ve jazzed up our Valentine’s custom photo cookie section with a few different options.  Thanks to my handsome hubby for posing as well as our friends Jen, Jeff & Kieran.

ThumpThump360x330 300x275 Valentines Day Photo CookiesXOXOXO 300x278 Valentines Day Photo CookiesHappyValentinesDayText 300x214 Valentines Day Photo Cookies


Decorated Cookies: Love is in the air

For those of you who plan in advance, we’d thought it would be perfect timing to highlight our Valentine’s Day decorated cookies,   To create some of our original Valentine’s Day designs, I enlisted Nurbanu Assena, a Parsons student here in NYC, to add to our current collection of unique decorated cookies.  While I love all the custom cookies Nurbanu created for me, I especially love the graphic on the upper left hand corner with mini bras and boxer shorts.  So sweet!  While we’ve chosen text to go with some of the graphic designs, keep in mind that the text can be customized.  Check out our Web site to view all of our Valentine’s Day options.   More to come this week…

ComboPhoto 300x210 Decorated Cookies:  Love is in the air


Custom Cookies: 10th Wedding Anniversary Cookies

While a traditional ten year anniversary gift is typically tin or aluminum, I’m glad this couple chose custom cookies and decided to go with sugar instead!  For a 10th wedding anniversary celebration at the Ritz Carlton, I worked with an event planner and paired three different cookie designs together along with a individual gift tag on each bunch of three.  The custom cookie favors were used as part of the welcome gift basket.  As you’ll see in the photo below, the graphics were customized to match the bride and groom and for the third cookie we used a graphic from the couple’s invitation. 

We offer a series of customized brides and grooms on our web site.  We often put two cookies in each bag for these designs - bride on one side and groom on the other.

IMG 0020 300x200 Custom Cookies:  10th Wedding Anniversary CookiesJim@Danrcy 231x300 Custom Cookies:  10th Wedding Anniversary Cookies


Photo Cookies get a Facelift!

Let’s face it – custom cookies with photos are fun (and everyone gets a kick of taking a bite out out of their wedding photo), but sometimes they need a little cookie couture help – and we have the answer.  Our new framed photo cookies are the prefect solution to turn any photo into beautiful piece of  edible art.

We have a bunch of different style and color options, but if you don’t see the color you want for your custom cookies, just email us the jpeg, colors and text (if applicable) and we’ll send you back a free proof over info@gumdropcookieshop.com.

KingPhotoFramewith Text 244x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!PinkRedPhotoFrame 239x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!StripedFrameGreen 267x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!StripedFrameBlue 261x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!


Custom Cookies: Kaboodle Kookies

We’ve worked with Kaboodle a few times on custom cookie orders.  This holiday season they paired our “Keep Calm and Eat a Cookie” design with the company’s logo.  We put half and half in each gift wrapped box and tied it with a matching raffia ribbon.  This was a fun way to jazz up a corporate logo.   We can tailor custom cookies  for any occasion either using our own design, the customer’s design, or in this case, a combination of both.  Cookies can be wrapped as custom favors or as cookie gift boxes.


kaboodle2 243x300 Custom Cookies:  Kaboodle Kookieskaboodle1 296x300 Custom Cookies:  Kaboodle Kookies


Custom Cookies: Bold Birthday Colors!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this image I received recently for an order of custom cookies.   I was super excited because I knew the graphic would look fantastic on a cookie.  While I only show the cookies here, I mixed up the colors of the raffia so each favor cookie brought out the yellow, purple and aqua colors. 

Local Brooklyn artist Fumiha designed and ordered these cookies so I was able to tell her in person how much I loved the design (and see her reaction when she opened them!).   This is another nighttime shot, so the quality is not the best, but I couldn’t send them out the door without grabbing a quick shot.

IMG 08921 270x300 Custom Cookies:  Bold Birthday Colors!

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