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After I took the very scary plunge and dove head first into my custom cookie business, one of the first things I did was sign up for the New York Chapter of Ladies who Launch (LWL), an amazing organization that provides women business owners (or those just thinking of starting a business) a network and services opportunities.

While I HEART the freedom of having my own gig, I so so so so so so miss the camaraderie of my old teammates (shout out DVPR!) so I felt a networking group would give me the opportunity to fill the work-from-home-void – and it certainly did the trick.  Through LWL I’ve been able to meet other small business owners, attend interesting speaker events & workshops, share ideas, and be part of a forum to throw out questions when I wanted to pull my hair out over the many small biz challenges that seem to (poof!) spring up weekly out of thin air.

Our NY leaders, Stella and Karla are so fab and are consistently putting together irresistible offers and events for members (and non-members too!).   On that note, you don’t have to be a member to be part of events, but if you get an oh-so-worth-it-discount if you are a member (or Strata members as we are called).   Plus, they have a GREAT incubator program that can help get you started on the right foot when you are in the beginning stages of your biz.  I so wish I knew about the LWL incubator program when I first started my business as I’m sure it would have saved me a whole lotta Excedrin and a whole lotta money and a whole lotta tears (oh hello you scary little trademark).

Best of all, you might actually win the friendship jackpot and get a pal or two out of the deal like I did.   SO, if you have the tiniest little seed of an idea about your own business, you best take those little fingers and click on this LINK pronto and get yourself a membership.   It’s OK, you can thank me later.  Or you if you are in the NYC area, you can come on by to the event on May 25th and thank me in person.  I hope to see you then!


Decorated Cookies: Gumdrop Cookies Shop on Design Baby

Gumdrop Cookies Shop’s custom decorated cookies were recently featured on the popular mom blog Design Baby.  The blog is written from the perspective of four different moms and features modern must-have products for baby, toddler and family.  We sent Kasey from Design Baby decorated birthday cookies with cowboy-inspired graphics to be reviewed by her son for his fifth birthday party and they were a huge hit.

Considering Kasey has three children and one on the way, I’m amazed that she had time to even write this post!  If you want to read the full write-up, check it out here.   Thanks Design Baby!

w212383995 300x39 Decorated Cookies:  Gumdrop Cookies Shop on Design Babyboycookie2 300x300 Decorated Cookies:  Gumdrop Cookies Shop on Design Baby


Decorated Cookies for Alexis Bittar Show

Last week I received a call from Nordstrom’s that they wanted to have decorated cookies made with the Alexis Bittar logo for an upcoming an event at their store in Chicago.   Corporate cookies are a big part of our business, but it’s especially fun when it’s a brand that I enjoy.

My favorites from his newest collection are the bracelets, including the Skinny Crystal Tulip Bangle, Small Turquoise Montauk Hinge Cuff, and Large Gold Turquoise Calder Hinge Cuff as shown respectively below.

LC01B021064 300x299 Decorated Cookies for Alexis Bittar ShowLX01B012200 300x299 Decorated Cookies for Alexis Bittar ShowBC01B011 300x299 Decorated Cookies for Alexis Bittar Show

photo3 273x300 Decorated Cookies for Alexis Bittar Show


Decorated Cookies on Room for Dessert

Check out the fun post about our decorated cookies that was featured on the blog Room for Dessert Wednesday morning!  You can take a look at it here.   Julia’s blog is a collection of experiences including living in London, culinary school, as well as her insights into traveling the globe, entertaining, cooking, and  love of the arts.

Thanks Julia!

ROOM for DESSERT title blue2 300x54 Decorated Cookies on Room for Dessert

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