Taking a Break from Custom Cookies: Introducing Aria Melody

When I first started my cookie favor business, I was also in the process of getting married (not recommended to do both at once!).  Through our wedding planning process  we were so blessed to have such amazing wedding vendors.  Now that I am a vendor for many weddings with my custom cookie business,  I always enjoy connecting with other wedding vendors for referrals and to keep my hands on the pulse of the industry.  I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with our fantastic DJ for my wedding, John Sinclair of Aria Melody, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you about his company.

ARIA MELODY SRCCMYK 300x106 Taking a Break from Custom Cookies:  Introducing Aria Melody

Aria Melody

I would classify John as the “anti-wedding DJ” – he is incredibly classy and your fear of the cheesy wedding DJ will be squashed as soon as you meet him.    More than anything else, we wanted people to dance at our wedding all night long and that’s exactly what happened.    There were no lights and he didn’t spend any time on the microphone.  Just great music and a packed dance floor, which was a recipe for a very happy bride and groom.  If you are  in the NY/NJ area and trying to decide on a DJ, look no further!

John also just launched his blog which is 100 percent dedicated to wedding music and it is filled with really great ideas and inspiration if you’re in the process of picking out music for your wedding.


Goji Goodness!

One of the best aspects owning my own custom cookie company, is meeting and brainstorming with other small business owners.  Through my local Ladies who Launch group here in NYC, I met Allison J. who is the owner of the wonderful Goji Gourmet so I thought I would take a moment to mention a few things about her awesome cookies!

Even though I make custom cookies for a living, I love healthy food and learning about new ingredients.  Allison’s cookies are everything you crave in a cookie, but are supercharged with the powerful antioxidants and nutrients of the Goji Berry!  While there is a ton of information online about the nutritional benefits of Goji Berries, my favorite tidbit is that they have shown to have more than ten times the value of antioxidants than blueberries! 

Goji Gourmet flavors include Goji Almond Oat, Goji Cherry Cacao, Goji Chocolate Chip, Goji Ginger Walnut, & Goji Orange MintChip.  Specific cookie flavors are also packed with superfoods such as ginger, walnut, almond, oat, cacao, oranges, whole wheat, and turmeric.    Now go get your Goji on with Goji Gourmet!  YUM!

mintchip 300x202 Goji Goodness!5 Flavor Pack 198x300 Goji Goodness!

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