Valentine’s Day Photo Cookies

Last Valentine’s Day our decorated cookies were featured on the Today Show  as a Valentine’s gift option under $50 and we received an unbelievable response as a result of the segment.   Many of the orders were custom cookies that featured the smiling photos of happy couples, kids and families.  

In response to those orders, we’ve jazzed up our Valentine’s custom photo cookie section with a few different options.  Thanks to my handsome hubby for posing as well as our friends Jen, Jeff & Kieran.

ThumpThump360x330 300x275 Valentines Day Photo CookiesXOXOXO 300x278 Valentines Day Photo CookiesHappyValentinesDayText 300x214 Valentines Day Photo Cookies


Photo Cookies get a Facelift!

Let’s face it – custom cookies with photos are fun (and everyone gets a kick of taking a bite out out of their wedding photo), but sometimes they need a little cookie couture help – and we have the answer.  Our new framed photo cookies are the prefect solution to turn any photo into beautiful piece of  edible art.

We have a bunch of different style and color options, but if you don’t see the color you want for your custom cookies, just email us the jpeg, colors and text (if applicable) and we’ll send you back a free proof over info@gumdropcookieshop.com.

KingPhotoFramewith Text 244x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!PinkRedPhotoFrame 239x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!StripedFrameGreen 267x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!StripedFrameBlue 261x300 Photo Cookies get a Facelift!

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