Aja’s “I just made it up sweet salty popcorn deliciousness”

I certainly couldn’t get all the custom cookies out the door each week without a little help. It takes awhile to frost and then tie all of the bridal shower cookies, wedding favor cookies, and corporate logo cookies so sometimes I have to enlist an extra set of hands.  When I’m in a real pickle, that help has come (after a desperate plea) in the form of my friend Aja who has her hands in so many different activities that I don’t know how she keeps them all straight.

I initially met her through the North Brooklyn Runners group, which she started (and, ahem, now has over 200 runners). Now I keep up with her through my book club and ANOTHER group she started called Work It Brooklyn for entrepreneurs in the Brooklyn area.  When I’m in the mood for a snack, I also can find Aja at the Greenpoint Food Market (among other areas in the hood) where she sells her delicious sandwiches.  Oh, did I mention that Aja also has a full time job as Natural Foods Chef?   Feeling lazy yet?

I mention Aja because the other night she invited me to a clothes swap.  A clothes swap?  Hmm? Never been.  Sounds interesting and I certainly love the recycling idea so I’ll give it a shot.   I stuffed a bunch of clothes in a bag that never seem to see daylight and carted them over to Aja’s place.  When I arrived everything was neatly organized - dresses, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, pants, jewelry, misc, etc.  Instructions were to just put your clothes in the respective piles and wait for everyone to arrive.   I couldn’t believe how much stuff already filled the room.  Soon the wine was flowing and the swapping began!   It was fabulous and I walked away with some lovely little numbers including an adorable dress from Anthropologie and a copy of The Story of Edward Sawtelle.   The most fun (and satisfying) part of the evening was seeing someone excited about an item I brought that never seemed to look right on me.

Since I try to keep this blog focused on food, it brings me to the reason I started this post.  While awaiting for the other swappers to arrive, Aja put out a bowl of popcorn hot off the stove, so I of course dug right in….    Sweet? Salt?  Aja, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS POPCORN?  It’s delicious!!!!   She replied with a cool “oh I just made it up.”    Of course she did. 

So, here’s Aja’s recipe for “I just made it up sweet salty popcorn deliciousness.”    It’s a little bit like my Italian grandmother’s old recipes where she doesn’t give measurements so just “add a little of this and a little of that” and experiment until you find the flavor you are looking for. 

- Make a batch of organic popcorn (stove top people - no microwave popcorn).  Add Organic Dark Agave nectar, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Sichuan Pepper.  Mix well with popcorn.

Wow, I’m tired just writing this post.  Great job Aja and thanks for including me!

photo1 300x225 Ajas I just made it up sweet salty popcorn deliciousnessphoto 300x225 Ajas I just made it up sweet salty popcorn deliciousness

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