Custom Cookies: Sweet Success

While we sell a lot of our couture images, we also do a lot of custom cookie orders.  We’ve received some fantastic cookie graphics for our cookies over the years, but the order from Jessica T. takes the cake.

Jessica is applying for her dream job (we can’t tell you where just yet), and she’s asked us to send a dozen cookies with one of her fabulous designs and the words “call me” with her number on them – absolutely brilliant!   (For privacy issues, I’ve blocked out most of her phone number on the ribbon).  My description of her snazzy design isn’t doing the custom cookies justice so I snapped a quick shot with my iphone before we shipped them out yesterday.  I think you’ll agree that there’s a pretty good chance she should snag the job!   Good luck Jessica!  Please keep us posted!

jessicatesta1 259x300 Custom Cookies:  Sweet Success

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